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This site contains important bills in the Nebraska Legislature that NFOA needs passed. We need your help to contact Nebraska Senators, whether in the Judiciary committee and/or in your legislative district Senator.

Lobbyist talking to Senators is only part of the solution. We need the NFOA members to actively call, email and postal mail (maybe all three ways) to get their attention.

Twenty-nine states have updated their self defense laws in recent years. Of the 21 remaining states, several already had laws that recognized these changes in self defense jurisprudence. This leaves Nebraska as one of the last states to enact such legislation. Over the last several years, there have been multiple bills and public hearings to attempt to move these changes through our Legislature. This year the NFOA is renewing our request that the Legislature take the steps necessary to update the self defense laws of our state.

Nebraskans deserve the same legal protections that citizens of other states have, and we are demanding that our elected officials perform their jobs and get this overdue action done.

Nebraska’s self defense laws are decent, however they could be strengthened to protect the GOOD law-abiding people of this state, not work to make it more favorable for the criminals.

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Nebraska Firearms Owners Association is the largest firearms rights organization in the state of Nebraska, and membership is free for all Nebraskans concerned with their right to keep and bear arms; simply sign-up CLICK HERE. We are local firearms owners who have a personal interest in protecting firearms owners’ rights in Nebraska.

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LB xxx Protect Victims Now  (2017 session) CLICK HERE

LB xxx Gun-Free-Zone Liability Act (2017 session) CLICK HERE

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